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Unit 5 Letters O P Q

🏷️ 英语 1B Phonics 自然拼读

1. Meet the letters


2. Chant with letters

O, O, O, O is for octopus.o, o, o, o is for ox.
P, P, P, P is for pencil.p, p, p, p is for panda.
Q, Q, Q, Q is for queen.q, q, q, q js for question.

3. Learn the sounds

o o oo o oo o o oo o o
p p po o op o p op o o
q q qq q qq q q qq q q

4. Chant with sounds

o octopuso oxox octopus ox
p pencilp pandapencil panda panda
q questionq queenquestion queen queen