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Unit 3 Letters H I J K

🏷️ 英语 1B Phonics 自然拼读

1. Meet the letters


2. Chant with letters

H, H, H, H is for hat.h, h, h, h is for house.
I, I, I, I is for insect.i, i, i, i is for igloo.
J, J, J, J is for juice.j, j, j, j js for jelly.
K, K, K, K is for king.k, k, k, k is for kite.

3. Learn the sounds

h h ha a ah a h ah a a
i i ii b bi b i bi b b
j j ja a aj a j aj j j
k k kd d dk d k dk d d

4. Chant with sounds

h househ hathat house hat
i insecti iglooinsect igloo igloo
j juicej jellyjelly juice jelly
k kingk kiteking king kite